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Frozen Pipes

CSRA residents are accustomed to fickle weather, and sudden drops in temperature can wreak havoc on your pipes. Because this is so uncommon, it's good to have friends in the plumbing business when it happens ... and Mr. Flush is a great friend to have.

Frozen plumbing can be more than a temporary inconvenience. Frozen water pipes can cause major damage when the pipe thaws and the water starts to flow. Water damage can result when a split water pipe occurs due to expansion caused by freezing. Thawing a pipe as soon as possible can help prevent a broken pipe.

We can help. Once your plumbing is frozen, follow these steps:

  • Turn off the water supply. You can find the valve associated with the pipe and turn it off or if that does not work, shut off the main valve.
  • Remove all the items in the vicinity of the frozen or burst pipe.
  • Call Mr. Flusy. Mr. Flush can help prevent or repair your frozen pipes by insulating them properly and thoroughly using professional grade material and tools.